The Program

Week 1 Breathing week

  • Hold breathe vs long inhalation / exhalation
  • Introduction of animal breathing eg tiger roar, ah breathing, rabbit breathing and single nostril breathing
  • Games: aum running and sushi roll

Week 2 Balance week
  • Single leg vs hands
  • Poses eg tree, eagle, ballerina, tiger, superman, boat, swing, chair and etc
  • Games: wheelbarrow and "squeeze into the smallest space"

Week 3 Rock n Roll week
  • Sun salutation challenge (fast vs slow motion)
  • Back rolling and stand up
  • Poses eg candle, pancake, rocketing boat, locust, superhero 1&2 and etc
  • Games: bumble bee and banana split

Week 4 Upside Down week
  • Handstand on the wall
  • Poses to warm up, frog hopping, bear walking, penguin walking, windmill and washing machine
  • Games : ' who holds til last!' and ' the tunnel'

Week 5 Twisting week
  • Shapes poses : triangle, circle, star, square, diamond and etc
  • Hand bind leg poses: mermaid, pigeon, twisted triangle, pretzel and etc
  • Games: intuition game and cart wheel

Week 6 Animal Party in Jungle
  • Wrap up what have learnt
  • Craft work ie animal mask and boat blowing competion
  • Cealing meditation ' ra ma da sa , sa se su hang'

The Instructor

Ms. Lizzie Lee, qualified kids yoga teacher from Sun Yoga. She has been teaching kids yoga since 2005. She believes that learning yoga from young age helps in mind developing and also body coordination. HAPPY BODY, HAPPY LIFE!

Sun Yoga is a USA Yoga Alliance School, established 16 years ago in Hampshire, England. Today, it has trained over 560 teachers who teach in schools and yoga studios all over the world.

Things To Bring To Class

Your own yoga mats and wear loose and stretchable attires.

Ages 5 to 11

Session 2

8 JULY to 26 JULY

  • Mondays & Wednesdays
  • 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
  • Minimum of 6 students
  • Maximum of 16 students
  • Ages 5 to 11
  • 6 classes
  • RM 240
Registration Closed